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Today's reading: Sollfrank and OBN

This morning was spent reading Conelia Sollfrank’s Cyberfeminism: Revolution; Tactical use of terms a presentation given in 2002; and the almost identical The final truth about cyberfeminism, and then having a general look around the OBN Reading Room. I will write a more comprehensive review and post to No Una Banana, but some quick notes that struck a chord with me:
  • Sollfrank mentions Sadie Plant’s description of women’s relationship to technology as "intimate and subversive" – I really like this idea. I may have to give Plant’s ‘zeros and ones’ another look now I have a bit more time.
  • DIY is an essential part of cyberfeminism – "The idea of taking the term Cyberfeminism and filling it with one's own vision instead of complaining about what predecessors had done wrong, was central. Cyberfeminism as something you cannot learn, you cannot read, you cannot understand, but that you invent and do yourself, brought back agency to many women/feminists who had felt they had arrived at a dead end." – this is something I need to remember when defining my methodology, I will need to make it explicitly clear that I am not defining ‘the’ cyberfeminist methodology, but rather ‘a’ cyberfeminist methodology. This is not a particularly shocking revelation for me, it is part of what attracted me to cyberfeminism in the first place, and I documented that in the candidacy proposal, but it is always good to have a reminder.
  • Sollfrank also talks about the essential nature of networking to a cyberfeminist practice. Again not a new concept for me now, but a good reminder. This is definitely my weakest point as a cyberfeminist and is something I need to actively work on.

      I have decided to start a mini project on No Unna Banana with ‘100 days of anti-theses’ in which I post the 100 anti-theses with a short discussion on each one, mostly for my own amusement :)


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Jul. 6th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
I just posted a link to a <a href="http://www.reappropriate.com/?p=761>Reappropriate post</a> which touches on networking for WOC bloggers. It might be of interest? "I will not take the tack of the Washington Post article that concludes with the pessimistic suggestion that women bloggers may diminish in number over time, as a response to an intolerant blogosphere. I believe we will survive — indeed, thrive — not simply by refusing to “cut and run” but by building support networks. We will help one another stand steadfast. Because we believe our voices are not only a benefit, but a necessity."
Jul. 24th, 2007 11:20 am (UTC)
wow, thanks for that link, what a powerful article.
Jul. 6th, 2007 04:41 am (UTC)
Something you might be interested in. It's a photo a day site - on the day the pic is posted you can download the giant sized pic, then it's archived.

What isn't so apparent to the visitor is that the photographer is Michael Stipe, the lead singer of REM, who is a photographer and film maker as well as musician.
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